i Love to hurt you



i have had the privilege of serving Mistress M. Such experiences are impossible to forget. Mistress M commands devotion, more than most Ladies, and as a slave i am naturally driven to serve Her; as a toilet, i'm just doing what i am worth doing for such a Mistress as Mistress M. i had the privilege to be Mistress M's toilet. Three things stand out in my mind as the apexes of the experience. One is the urgent desire that i had not to waste a drop of Her Champagne - she relieved Herself of so much Champagne that i just kept on quenching my thirst - nor a morsel of Her Warm Caviar. Second is Her Caviar, texture and tastewise, like sardine in salsa. Third, Her amusement as She laughed with glee at seeing the good job this toilet did. Amazing experience i wish many slaves could be privileged to experience serving Mistress M. i hope my next time is soon.


Mistress M is really exceptionally lovely, caring, intelligent, inventive, extremely dominant, even sadistic with interest in many practices often regarded extreme and even dangerous, but still always caring, safe and sane. She might even care to consider you even if you insist to express your limits, but especially then you must have something special to get Her attention - not sure of this as I have always trusted on Her more than on myself and so we always had it based on "no limits" as She prefers. If you were lucky to have privilege to get Her attention, you'll certainly can expect to get all you ever wished for - and then some... ;-) After been lucky and privileged to meet with Her several times in various places and even for several days time continuously, I can sincerely encourage you all to strive for Her precious attention, but remember that She is a very busy and very high class Lady also outside this lifestyle and anything but genuine, honest and most respectful approaches lead only to be eternally ignored! Ed


thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and helping me explore the begining of extreme, it was truelly amyzing i have not stopt thinking about you sins.! i love the way you pushed me to become a beter slave and make me feel compleet, i still have my bruzes and marks and thy make me verry proud thy have been put there by you. deep inside i wish i could be at your feet as your slave and serve for your pleasure all the time.. thank you again for evryting Mistress, you are truely amyzing... cant wait to meet you again..


This lovely Lady is ,by far, the best and most experienced Filipino Domina I have ever encountered. She is an expert in all bdsm activities.She is also a good friend of Mine and I am proud to know Her. She has that special quality that sets Her apart . Let Me say that once a slave experienced her brand of Domination, he or she will never ever forget Her!


My supreme Mistress, that is what she will be. I have not had the pleasure to serve her, but the contacts we had give me the confidence that she will be my Mistress for life. Allready she posseses my brain and soul, and soon I will give her my body too!


This Mistress is unique.
I believe she is the top of
every slave cravings.
To serve her, to be owned by 
her, to be dominated for all
times, that is a real slave`s


kneeling to my Goddess _Mistress Saint_lawrence4u, she is a supreme woman who knows what she is doing to her slaves...i kneeled and praise before her on her commands...i am a material of her dominations, she trained and desciplined me without mercy, tears fell in my eyes yet it makes me feel happy and blessed , being under her stable is the best thing that ever happened to me and for that i devoted my life, mind body and soul forever...by all means... To you my Goddess i adore and praise you.. Urs, Slut_petdog

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